Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Block Lottery and Supplies for June

May's Block Lottery was a success!  The blocks were beautiful, we can't wait to see what you do with them Jessica!

June's Block Lottery is the Spiderweb tutorial from alamode.  Scrappy (in all colors) is the way to go with a white star center.  Spider Web Quilt Block Tutorial  (This post is so much later than I wanted it to be, my computer and I are still not friends but we have come to an agreement!  Thanks for your help Amy and Laura!)

I am demostrating fabric collage for our meeting.  I had the pleasure of taking a class with Susan Carlson to learn this technique.  Check our her website for ideas and patterns.

Susan Carlson

It is a fun project that uses up scraps, creates a work of art, and is a great way to practice free motion quilting.

Muslin - a bit larger that your project
Pattern - simple, not much detail needed.  Flowers, bugs, fish, etc.
Black Sharpie
Bag of fabric scraps
Glue -Aileen's Tacky or water soluable fabric glue.

Here is my finished project and the pattern I used.

See you in June,

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