Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Gathering Exhibit Submissions are Open!

Have quilts ready to submit to our fall 2015 Gathering Exhibit? You can begin submitting quilts now! See the following message from Amy on how to do so:

Hi everyone!

The exhibit committee would like to announce the system for submitting your beautiful modern quilts to our SMQG exhibit at The Gathering in November 2015.

Please submit any quilts you have ready as soon as possible to help us understand whether or not we have enough quilts to fill the space. You do have time to make a new quilt still! The deadline for submitting is not until August 1. As mentioned though, we'd appreciate any submissions now that you know you intend to submit.

To submit a quilt, please send Amy two images of each quilt. One should be a full frontal, flat view of the quilt. It should be named with the quiltname_full.jpg. An example using my Kite Tails quilt would be KiteTails_full.jpg. Also send a second image that is a detail showing the quality of workmanship and quilting details. Title it quiltname_details.jpg. The files can be of any size since we will be using Dropbox. Once she receives the files, she will upload them to Dropbox.

Then, use this Google Docs Survey to submit information about your quilts.

Only the Exhibit Committee members and the Guild President will have access to the Google Doc and Dropbox so you have some privacy as you would in any quilt show when submitting quilts! You may submit as many quilts as you like. Though we plan to limit the number of acceptances to two each.

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