Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Meeting Recap

On Saturday October 14th we met at the Kingston Community Library in Kingston, NH.

Jen Carlton Bailly
In September we had the Jen Carlton Bailly workshops. It's been awesome seeing the work that has come out of these!

Strawbery Banke Museum
On the first Saturday in October we displayed quilts at the Strawbery Banke Museum fall festival. Thanks to all who helped make this happen! Diane was awarded the "high-five hand" this month for her hard work on this event.
We have been invited to participate in this event again next year. 

Festival of Trees - We will be decorating a tree with handmade quilty ornaments at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, NH. Our tree will be located indoors inside the Learning Center. We are asking members to create 4 ornaments that are 6 inches or less in size. Please bring these to the November meeting. 
Where: Urban Forestry Center, 45 Elwyn Road, Portsmouth
When: November 17th, 18th, 19th from 3-8pm
More Information:
Sue Ann's origami star ornament caused quite a stir at the meeting, because it was so striking! If you want to make your own, the directions can be found at

We will also need volunteers for the time of the Festival of Trees. Please keep your eyes open for a volunteer signup coming soon! 

December Meeting (Swap Info!) 
We decided at the meeting to hold our December Year End Meeting at the Kingston Library. This will be held on the 2nd of December from 10-12.
The December meeting is usually a year end potluck, and we do a swap within the guild. This year we are making the boxy bag from the Kelby Sews tutorial (which can be found here), and filling this with $10 worth of goodies for our partners.

If you are interested in participating but were not be able to attend, please email Kali at with the following information and I will email you a partner's name! 
     What is your favorite type of quilting fabric? (Ex novelty, low volume, geometric, blender, floral, etc.)
     What is your favorite color?
     Who is your favorite fabric designer or pattern designer?
     What is one notion or quilting item that you would love to add to your stash?

If you received a swap partner at the meeting but find that you are unable to make the swap bag, please let me know! We do not want for anyone to not receive a bag if they chose to participate. If possible you may always send your bag with a friend to the meeting if you are unable to attend. 

2018 Anna Maria Horner Workshops
The registration for the 2018 Anna Maria Horner workshops is now open! If you haven't already gotten a chance, please sign up on the Cambridge MQG website here. Registration opened to the public today, so if there is a workshop you are eyeing, please act fast! You can email the CMQG at to be added to the waitlist if necessary.

On Friday, April 13,  Anna Maria will teach her Mod Corsage workshop.
On Saturday, April 14, Anna Maria will teach Inspiration by Hand.
On Sunday, April 15, Anna Maria will teach Color Fluency with Patchwork.

We decided at the meeting that all of the money collected this year from the block lottery will be donated to the Red Cross in light of recent events nationally. There are also a number of quilt drives and other opportunities to use our craft for good. See a sample of these below:
Healing Hearts Quilt Pattern from Fat Quarter Shop - All proceeds go to Hurricane Harvey relief through Oct 31, 2017.
Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild #quiltsforvegas Quilt Drive - The Las Vegas MQG is collecting completed quilts, quilt tops, blocks, binding, backing, batting and monetary donations. They have set a deadline of November 15th, and have more information on their website.
Sew Yeah Quilting: Vegas Strong Quilt Drive for Unseen Heroes - Sew Yeah Quilting is donating quilts to the first responders and other unseen heroes of the Vegas shooting. They are accepting quilts until November 4th. See more information on their website.

We also discussed the fate of our charity quilt stash. We discussed donating these quilts to some of the recent national disasters and I believe that the final decision among the group was to donate these to local folks in need. We have a few leads (a recent fire in Newmarket, as well as a local woman who  is a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting). Please let us know if you hear of any other causes locally that could use a quilt! 

2017 QuiltCon Charity Quilt
We have decided that the 2017 QuiltCon Charity Quilt will be donated to the Chase House in Portsmouth, NH. The Chase House offers a residential program for at risk youth.  We are also going to be donating pillowcases to the Chase House that we are going to be making at our November meeting. See the end of this post for details on what to bring to the November meeting for this!

JoAnne gave an update on the 2018 retreat. This will be held May 3-6 at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunk Maine. This event includes lots of sewing time with plenty of space to spread out and plenty of food, and drink! 
Please let JoAnne know if you are interested in assisting with the retreat committee.
The 2018 retreat rates sheet can be seen here. 

2018 Executive Board Nominations & Info About Voting
We accepted nominations for 2018 SMQG Executive Board. We will be voting for these at the November meeting. If you cannot be at the November meeting, please check your email starting Oct 31st! Per our bylaws we give members 1 week to vote, and I will be opening the voting online starting on Tuesday Oct 31.

If you have not been getting the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild Google Groups emails, please let me know at! 

Nominations for President:
Paula Krolikoski - Paula is our current president. If you have attended our meetings this year Paula has lead the meeting! 
Judy Durant - Judy was VP in 2015 and has been our Activities person this year, leading the BOM, block lotteries, and the Crayon Box Challenge!

Nominations for Vice President:
Colleen Haggarty - Colleen has been our Hospitality Chair for the past two years. 

Nominations for Treasurer:
Barb Brian - Barb is our current treasurer and has been assisting JoAnne as the co-chair of the retreat committee this year as well.

Nominations for Secretary:
Laura Collins - Laura was secretary in 2013 and 2014, and in 2015 was president. She has been assisting as the 2018 Events Chairwoman as well. 

Crayon Box Challenge
In June Judy announced our Crayon Box Challenge. Members who chose to participate were given two crayons and the parameters to make a modern mini quilt using only those two colors (no other shades) and one neutral. We all had the chore of voting during our break time for the quilt that fit these parameters the best, and what a decision we had in front of us! 

Laura won first prize for her pink and orange mini quilt, even though she was not able to attend the meeting. She was assisted by her daughter, Lucy! Sue won 2nd place, and Nancy came in 3rd.

 Mini quilts below by Judy, Suzanne, Diane, and Jane B. 

Mini quilts below by Marylee, Lou, Paula, and Robin.

Mini quilts below by Sheila, Kathy, Linda and Sue Ann. (I'm not 100% sure I'm not confusing Sheila and Linda, please let me know!) 

Mini quilts below by JoAnne, Bethany, Jane F, and Sue (again, apparently I needed one more picture!) 

Show and Tell 
Marylee shared this quilt - she said that this is the most quilting she will ever do on a quilt as it took so long to finish, but doesn't it look great?!

Suzanne shared this quilt made for a new grandson! She used Hobbs wool blend batting in it. 

Suzanne also shared this quilt that was made with flying geese blocks made by her sister. Isn't this breathtaking! The back features one large goose. 

Bea shared this mini quilt that hung at Strawbery Banke Museum. 

Diane shared this quilt that experiments with indigo dying and embroidery. 

Jane F shared this quilt. The pattern is the Local Quilt Pattern by Carolyn Friedlander. 

Kathy shared this quilt that was started at one of our charity sew-ins. 

JoAnne shared a holiday quilt. 

Nancy shared her finished blocks from the Jen Carlton Bailly class. With the large size of these blocks she is well on her way to having a quilt! 


She also shared this quilt top that was made with blocks that a friend did not want. Doesn't it look great!

Sue shared this quilt which was a block of the week from her store. 

She also shared this paper pieced Elephant Abstractions quilt, designed by Violet Craft. 

November Meeting
Our November meeting will be held on November 4th, from 10am-1pm at the Mary E Bartlett Library located at 22 Dalton Road, Brentwood NH. During this meeting we will be holding yearly elections, the November block lottery will be due, we will collect ornaments for the Festival of Trees, and we will be sewing pillowcases for charity. 

The pillowcases that we will be sewing are going to go to the Chase Home in Portsmouth that provides services for teens, and to the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families. We are requesting that members plan to make two pillowcases. The boy/girl ratio will be fairly evenly split at these locations, and we are making for both older and younger children. Please keep this in mind when picking your fabrics. 

If possible, please bring to the meeting precut fabrics that fit the dimensions below. If you have another tutorial that you prefer for making a pillowcase please feel free to follow that instead.
You will also need to bring your sewing machine and any necessary notions, and we will need a few volunteers to bring irons and ironing boards.

Burrito Pillowcase:

All People Quilt tutorial
26.5"x Width of Fabric(WOF) of main fabric
10" x WOF for contrast band

Craftsy tutorial
27" x WOF of main fabric
9" x WOF of contrast band
2" x WOF of optional flange

Block of the Month
If you are participating in the Block of the Month please bring the October block, Open Sesame #6, to the November Meeting. The December block will be #22, Sugar Plum. 

Block Lottery
The instructions for the November Block Lottery were handed out at the August Meeting, and can be found here, while the tutorial for the Modern Christmas Tree Blocks can be found on the Diary of a Quilter blog here! Judy has requested that we create these blocks with two fabrics that have a high level of contrast. Please use all shades of greens and low volume fabrics, with a few blocks being off-shades of red (not a true Christmas/fire engine red). 

Dues are Due
In November and December we will be accepting dues for 2018. Dues for 2018 are $50 and may be paid via cash or check at the meeting, or via PayPal at the Join Us link on our website.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

October (And Other Upcoming Events!) Meeting Reminder

Are you ready for the Anna Maria Horner workshop signups tomorrow? Workshop descriptions can be found at, and the PayPal button will be available there at 10am Wednesday Sept 20th as well. Please contact Laura if you have any questions or concerns regarding signing up.

October 7th is the NH Fall Festival at Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth. If you have a quilt to display, please get these to Diane, or the East Kingston Library, by Monday 9/25. If you are available to volunteer to hang out with our quilts for a few hours on the 7th, please sign up here for a time slot! We are looking for 3 people to help set up and take down the display on Friday and Saturday nights, and at least two people during the day of the festival.

On October 14th we will have our October meeting at the Kingston library. We are going to have a busy meeting! 
- The Crayon Box Challenge is due. We will be sharing our projects and voting for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes! 
-We will be drawing names for our end of year gift exchange. This year we will be making a boxy bag from the Kelby Sews tutorial, and filling this with $10 worth of goodies for our partners.
If you are interested in participating but will not be able to attend, please email Kali (or send a friend to the meeting) with the following information:
     What is your favorite type of quilting fabric? (Ex novelty, low volume, geometric, blender, floral, etc.)
     What is your favorite color?
     Who is your favorite fabric designer or pattern designer?
     What is one notion or quilting item that you would love to add to your stash?
-Nominations for 2018 SMQG Offices. We will be accepting nominations for all offices, and currently have no one running for vice president or secretary.  Please speak with any of our current officers if you have any questions.

The Festival of Trees is happening at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, NH from November 17th-19th. We are making ornaments that are less than 6 inches to decorate our tree. We will need a few volunteers for this, and will be sending out a signup in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Registration for 2018 Anna Maria Horner Workshops

Amy Friend and the SMQG executive committee, in conjunction with the NHMQG and Cambridge MQG executive commitees, have been hard at work behind the scenes planning our spring 2018 workshops. On April 13-15, 2018, at the Annex in West Newbury, we will be co-hosting (with NHMQG and CMQG) Anna Maria Horner for three days of workshops.

The cost will be $100 for each workshop seat. Registration for the event will go live on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 10 am on the Cambridge MQG website. Registration and payment will be online via PayPal. On Sept 20, you may choose to register for ONE workshop.
If there are still seats remaining on Oct 4 at 10 am, guild members will be allowed to register for additional workshops as desired.

On Oct 18, any remaining seats will open to the public.

If you do not use Paypal, you will need to let me know ASAP at (or phone 978 210 6707) so that I can ensure that you get registered. This applies also to members who feel technologically unable to register online for a workshop spot.

On Friday, April 13,  Anna Maria will teach her Mod Corsage workshop.
On Saturday, April 14, Anna Maria will teach Inspiration by Hand.
On Sunday, April 15, Anna Maria will teach Color Fluency with Patchwork.

Allison has posted workshop descriptions here:

The Paypal button will go live at that link on Wednesday morning. A reminder will go out via email early next week to help you remember the date/time.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

August Meeting Recap

On Saturday, August 5, we met at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, NH.

We discussed the following business:
Jen Carlton-Bailly workshops Sept 9-10: No regular meeting is scheduled for September; it has been replaced by Jen’s workshops. (NOTE: NO block of the month will be due in September!) Both workshops are to be held from 9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch in the West Newbury Town Hall Annex (381 Main St., West Newbury, MA). Panera lunch will be ordered. All workshop fees should already be paid. If you are registered for a workshop please refer to the supply list Amy sent via email on June 25. There is a note in the PDF supply list about ordering plastic templates, if you would like to do so.
Festival of Trees: our application has been sent in (thanks Nancy!) and the 4 ornaments per member will be due at the November meeting. Please see the July Meeting Recap for instructions and inspiration links. Dates for the festival itself are November 17-19.
Strawbery Banke:  Paula received communication from Strawbery Banke asking if we would be willing to show quilts at the Fall Festival on October 7. Paula asked for potential committee volunteers who will step in if we move forward with the project (thanks Letty, Hildy, Barbara, Mary Lee, Kathy, and Diane!) and collected questions to ask when she tours the property. Find your mini quilt from the Gathering...and READ THIS PDF for more information!
Upcoming meetings: October in Kingston, NH for officer nominations, Dec swap name draw, and crayon challenge voting. Please consider whether you would like to fill any of the four available officer positions and contact any of our current officers with questions; November in Brentwood, NH for charity pillowcase sew and annual election; December in Hampton, NH for annual end-of-year celebration and swap fun. We will be making the Boxy Bag from the Kelby Sews Tutorial to swap.
Crayon Box Challenge is due at the October meeting, details can be found here: Crayon Box Challenge
The next lottery block is due at the November meeting, so you have several months to make one or many. Information for the November block lottery block is HERE

The 2018 Retreat will be held at the Franciscan on May 3-6, 2018. Please contact JoAnne via email if you would like to serve on the retreat committee.
A yellow Olfa rotary cutter was found at the retreat this past May, please contact Nancy if you are missing one.
Show and Tell
Robin showed off her finished retreat project, which was quilted by Carrie Zizza.

Amy showed her Triangle Toss and Namaste quilts.

Suzanne showed two bright charity quilts that she quilted on her longarm.

Barbara showed off her retreat project from this past May.

Barb finished her husband’s quilt after beginning it at the 2016 retreat.

Diane participated in a “hoop along” challenge, finished the table runner she was working on at retreat, and participated in Sherri Lynn Wood’s Van Gogh challenge, showing one prototype project and one final entry.

Paula finished her four tree ornaments.

Thanks to Amy for her presentation on EQ 7. We had many questions answered and were all impressed by the program’s many useful functions.

Monday, July 31, 2017

August Meeting Reminder

Our August meeting will take place from 10am-12pm August 5th, at the Lane Memorial Library, which is at 2 Academy Ave in Hampton, NH. Amy Friend of During Quiet Time will be giving us a presentation on EQ7, the quilt design software.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July Meeting Recap

On Saturday we met at the West Newbury Town Hall Annex for our July meeting.

We had our Christmas in July sew-in to begin making ornaments for the Festival of Trees. We are asking for each member to make 4 ornaments that are 6 inches or less in size.
Some inspiration:

We are still looking for a home for our most recent QuiltCon Charity Quilt. In the past, we have donated quilts to A Safe Place in Portsmouth, NH, and in 2016 our quilt went to HAWC in Salem, MA.  Please speak with one of the board members if you have a suggestion for a home for our 2017 quilt!

Block Lottery for August: Quarter Log Cabin Block
Mono-tone with gray

The block for this month is a quarter log cabin. There are many tutorials online if you want to get general instructions, but essentially the block starts with a square and builds with strips ("logs") on only two adjacent sides rather than on all four sides, as a log cabin usually does. Choose a shade of the rainbow as your dominant color and add in one layer of gray.
1. Start with a 2 1/2" square of a solid in your color of choice.
2. Build out 5 or 6 logs on 2 adjacent sides of that square, make the 2 adjacent logs of the same fabric.
3. Logs should be straight (not wonky) but of random widths.
4. Each block should be made of one dominant color, prints or solids and varying shades are allowed.
5. Each block should contain at least one log of a gray fabric, any shade you choose, print or solid. If more than one log layer is gray another shade of gray can be used if you choose.
6. The block should be 7 1/2" square or just slightly over so the winner can trim it to 7 1/2".

We also had a door prize of some scraps from Amy's new fabric line, Improv. This can be found online, or locally at Cross Cut Sewing in Melrose. Paula and Kali were the lucky winners!

Also, our BOM group shared their most recent blocks:

For Show & Tell, Hildy shared a quilt made with wonky 9 patches, as well as her new portable design wall! She made this with a box, some flannel, a staple gun and some tape!



Jane F shared this quilt which I believe she made for a new nephew, using the Bjorn Bear quilt pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

Kathy shared these two charity quilts made using fabric from the guild last month, and some scraps of her own.

JoAnn shared this quilt that she was working on at retreat that was made with the Quick Curve Ruler for her sister. Most of the fabric used is from Mardens!

Barb shared these double gauze baby blankets made for her second granddaughter who was born on July 4th! She used many different manufacturers of double gauze, but had the best results from Robert Kaufman or Cotton and Steel brand. These shrunk the least when pre-washed.

Upcoming events:
July 31 - Final Jen Carlton Bailly payments due to Amy.
August 5th - August Meeting EQ7 Demonstration by Amy Friend at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton. Please email any questions you may have to Amy before the meeting so that she may add tailor her presentation to the things we want to know!
Sept 9th & 10th - Jen Carlton Bailly workshops. Email Amy to get on the waitlist!
For September, there will be no regular meeting, and no show and tell.
Oct 7th - October Meeting in Kingston, Crayon Box Challenge Voting and Prizes
Oct 22nd - Sew Boston 9am-8pm in Kendall Square in Cambridge. Signups are here!