Monday, January 2, 2017

January Meeting Reminder

Our January meeting will be held on January 7th, from 10am-12pm, at the Wiggins Memorial Library in Stratham NH.

This will be a planning meeting, so please bring your calendars and a pen!

We will also have our first block lottery of the year. If you would like to participate, please bring a block made to the specifications below, and $1 per block made for entry into the lottery. You may make as many blocks as you would like for multiple chances to win!

We will be making wonky log cabin blocks following these directions:
Blocks should be trimmed to 12.5 inches square, to finish at 12 inches.
We will be working with the following guidelines:
-Choose one color (prints or solids) and a low volume fabric (print or solid). If you are using prints of your chosen color, they should be predominantly that color with little of any other color.
-The low volume fabric should be neutral without any other color (like a light gray on off white print, or white on off white, not white with red dots).
-The center square or rectangle should be a darker shade of the color you have chosen for your block.
As you build your wonky log cabin, make one round of logs your low volume fabric anywhere you choose, and end with the outer ring of logs being low volume.

This is also the month that we will be collecting the last of the President's blocks to deliver to our outgoing president, Mary as a thank- you. Please use the following tutorial: The blocks finish at 15 inches, should have a low volume or white background, and be a rainbow of colors for the pluses. Diane will collecting and presenting these on behalf of the guild.

Hope to see you all there!

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