Monday, October 30, 2017

November Meeting Reminder

Our November meeting will be held on November 4th, from 10am-1pm at the Mary E Bartlett Library located at 22 Dalton Road, Brentwood NH. During this meeting we will be holding yearly elections, the November block lottery will be due, we will collect ornaments for the Festival of Trees, and we will be sewing pillowcases for charity.

2018 Executive Board Elections & Info About Voting
We accepted nominations for 2018 SMQG Executive Board at the October meeting, so that we can vote at the November meeting.
If you cannot be at the November meeting, please check your email for an electronic ballot. Per our bylaws we give members 1 week to vote, and I will keep online voting open through Monday, November 6th. I will publish the results of the election on Tuesday, November 7th.
There is space on the ballot to write in an additional candidate if you choose to do so.

If you have not been getting the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild Google Groups emails, please let me know at

Nominations for President:
Paula Krolikoski - Paula is our current president. If you have attended our meetings this year Paula has lead the meeting!
Judy Durant - Judy was VP in 2015 and has been our Activities person this year, leading the BOM, block lotteries, and the Crayon Box Challenge!

Nominations for Vice President:
Colleen Haggarty - Colleen has been our Hospitality Chair for the past two years.

Nominations for Treasurer:
Barb Brian - Barb is our current treasurer and has been assisting JoAnne as the co-chair of the retreat committee this year as well.

Nominations for Secretary:
Laura Collins - Laura was secretary in 2013 and 2014, and in 2015 was president. She has been assisting as the 2018 Events Chairwoman as well.

Festival of Trees
We will be collecting ornaments at the meeting for the Festival of Trees. We are asking members to create 4 fabric ornaments that are 6 inches or less in size.

Block of the Month
If you are participating in the Block of the Month please bring the October block, Open Sesame #6, to the November Meeting. The December block will be #22, Sugar Plum. Please refer to Judy's emails for more updated information!

Block Lottery
The instructions for the November Block Lottery were handed out at the August Meeting, and can be found here, while the tutorial for the Modern Christmas Tree Blocks can be found on the Diary of a Quilter blog here! Judy has requested that we create these blocks with two fabrics that have a high level of contrast. Please use all shades of greens and low volume fabrics, with a few blocks being off-shades of red (not a true Christmas/fire engine red).

Dues are Due
In November and December we will be accepting dues for 2018. Dues for 2018 are $50 and may be paid via cash or check at the meeting, or via PayPal at the Join Us link on our website.

Charity Pillowcase Sewing
The pillowcases are going to go to the Chase Home in Portsmouth and to the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families. We are requesting that members plan to make two pillowcases. The boy/girl ratio will be fairly evenly split at these locations, and we are making for both older and younger children. Please keep this in mind when picking your fabrics.

If possible, please bring to the meeting precut fabrics that fit the dimensions below. If you have another tutorial that you prefer for making a pillowcase please feel free to follow that instead.
You will also need to bring your sewing machine and any necessary notions, and we will need a few volunteers to bring irons and ironing boards.

Burrito Pillowcase:

All People Quilt tutorial
26.5"x Width of Fabric(WOF) of main fabric
10" x WOF for contrast band

Craftsy tutorial
27" x WOF of main fabric
9" x WOF of contrast band
2" x WOF of optional flange

End of Year Swap
If you would like to participate in the End of Year swap, please speak to Kali! There is still a little time to join in.

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