Sunday, November 22, 2020

November 2020


Kingston Plains

Nov 7th, 2020 – 10:00 A.M. TO 12:00 P.M.

Checking in 

8 members gathered in the grass, masked and at least 6 feet apart in lawn chairs.  

Future Meeting Locations: 

December 5th Zoom, time to be determined, to avoid conflicts for those of us attending the Thread House Retreat.  After discussion, and conferring with members meeting has been moved to December 12th, 10:00 am -12:00 pm, Zoom. Look for a link in your e-mail.

Committee reports

Bethany gave a Treasure’s report.  

Jo Anne reported that The Franciscan House has not been very informative, though she did speak to an employee.  I seems unlikely that we will be able to have our annual retreat in May 2021.

Voting for Officers

Our Officers for 2021:

Jo Anne D  President

Barbara M Vice President

Lou S Treasurer

Carol B Secretary

The eight members present voted in favor, and five others e-mailed their support.  Congratulations to the new board of the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild.


Meeting opened with a discussion about scheduling the December meeting so that those of us attending the Thread House workshop would not have a conflict.

Paula has heard from the charity we donated our Sailboat quilt to, and they evaluated it at $1200. They will send a statement for our taxes.

We discussed our membership in the New England Quilt Museum.  Our membership began in September 2020, due to a clerical error on their part.  Renewal discussion postponed until April 2021.

Kate has succeeded in contacting Zoom Billing.  Apparently, a mistake was made on our account number, it is missing a digit.  Decision was made to cancel account, request a refund before reopening it as a paid account.

Paula reminded us to send our gifts by November 24th so they will arrive in time for Zoom Meeting December 5th.

Show and Tell

Is this the Kinship project or is Carol branching out into Log Cabin?  Whichever it is she has a lovely color pallets, and has discovered Moda Grunge!

Diane shows us a fall themed wall hanging, featuring her elegang peicing and quilting!

Paula shows us a Halloween themed quilt started at retreat, and just finished.  Wow! Look at those pumpkin quilt motifs on the back!

And under the Tell category:

Bethany was inspired by last months Spoonflower presentation and has invested in linoleum block printing supplies.  Can't wait to see the results!!!!

Jo Anne has purchased a featherweight.  She DID need another sewing machine!

Barbara M told us about a fabric store that is new to her : Loretta's Quilt and Yarn Shop, 304 Sandown Rd, East Hampstead NH.  When we can travel again, I'm headed there!  

Kate gave a serious thanks to Jo Anne for advice given in February about accurate strip cutting.  Her ongoing project, a gift for her mother in law is really indebted to this advice!

Do join us December 12 10-12 for the last meeting of the year!!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

November 2020

Please join us for our November meeting!

October 3rd 2020

Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild met again at Kingston Plains.  9 members attending, six feet or more apart.  Masks were sported by all in a wide variety of colors, of course!


Bethany gave us a treasurers report.  She has two binders with reports, and procedures to hand on to next year's treasurer.  She also told us that we are paying monthly for Zoom.

Jo Anne reports that the Franciscan House has not responded to her requests for information.  She is not sure if this is related to staff turn over, Covid, or both.  Unless we can plan well in advance retreat 2021 may not happen.

Minutes for September approved.


November 7th meeting is planned for Kingston Plains IF the weather holds to the current pleasant temperatures.
Bethany suggested a "Finish It" sew in via Zoom if we cannot meet outside. Bring your current project, Christmas gifts or, Holiday decor to work on as we video chat.  Watch your e-mail for a decision closer to date.

December:  We are still seeking an indoor venue for Decembers Christmas Party.  All members should bring suggestions both paid and free to Marylee.  Gift exchange drawing postponed due to low number of members attending.  Please contact Paula with your list: 3 items, $15 limit, email and street address included.

Paula opened the call for nominations for our Officers 2021.

Vice President:  Jo Anne
Treasurer: Lou

As you can see the list is short two entries.  
Please consider volunteering to lead this great group!  Paula will be hoping to hear from you before the November meeting.


Our Winter Bird lottery block was won by Bethany!
We decided to send all lottery block funds to Rosie's, a women's shelter.

Kate gave a presentation on Spoonflower.  Her outline, with links, is on the October: Spoonflower tab at top of page.  Please let her know if you would like a print copy, she has extras.


We discussed contributing our Orphan blocks to make Charity quilts.  Zoom meetings might make this difficult to do, so we decided that March ish would be the target.  Bethany volunteered to lead this effort.

Marylee had mentioned quilts for California fire victims at the executive meeting. Mailing address: 

CZU Fire Quilts 
c/o Helen Klee PVQA, 
4437 W. Walnut St. Soquel, CA 95073-2126

For more information see their blog CZU


Strawberry Banke Sept 2021 Kinship quilt

Urban Forestry Center November 2021  Christmas quilts

Show and Tell

Bethany showed us a lovely quilt she made with a Kate Spain Jellyroll.  And what a great pieced back!

Barbara M shows us her newest challenge: Fabric Collage! Using a photo from a book, raw edge applique, and free motion quilting she is on an adventure!!! And practicing new skills!

Diane shows us her most recent work for SAQA's Earth Elements show.  As usual her work is full of rich color and stunning improv piecing (that she makes look effortless).  She used Spoonflower to make  her drawings of carrots into modern orange fabric.


Barbara W shows us a table runner she is making for her sister's coffee bar.  She is using a Spinning Star cutting guide (that was terribly camera shy... ) to make the fun pinwheels.

And with a little reminder from Paula Kate remembers to get a photo of her Sample of Spoonflower quilt. Squares derived from a limited color challenge, layout inspired by Carol! 


See you all November 1st Sun or Zoom! 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

And  please don't forget that Patty will be collecting coats and jackets for the homeless.

September 12 2020

SMQG Members hard at work

Checking In

17 members and a visitor gathered in the shade of the lovely mature trees that grow on the Kingston Plains.  Lawn chairs at a 6 foot distance, and masks were brought by all.

Future Meeting Locations:

October 3rd  Kingston Plains, weather permitting.  Rain date following Saturday.
November and December Zoom unless we can find an indoor venue.

We are looking for an indoor venue especially for the Christmas party.  Members are encouraged to research. Please let Paula know if you have any leads.

Committee Reports

Bethany gave a Treasurer's report


We will have nominations for Officers in October.  Please think about whom to nominate, or volunteer yourself.  Officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Dues for 2021 lowered to $30 a year, due to Covid restrictions.
Marylee will be collecting mask making information until September 20th.  If you have not already, please send he information on how many masks you have made, and for whom.  So far she has 1500 from 16 reports.

We will have a Secret Santa for Christmas.  Please make a list of three things you would like,  $15 limit.  Due in October.


Diane introduced a paper piecing project, Winter Birds, for lottery block.  Due in October.
Download Pattern Use a light blue for background, and any colorfor the bird.Add background strip across top.Block finishes at 5 1/4" x 6 1/4".

We voted on the postcard swap lineup, and Nancy was selected as the winner. She has a rainbow of hope!


Sasha will be making a list of our charity donations for the record.

Show and Tell

Barbara shows us a quilt she made for her daughter after a severe accident.  She asked family members to write a note to welcome her home, and contacted the fabric company to purchase more of the "Welcome Home!" fabric for the binding!

Robin really loved the post card challenge, she made several! And her Kinship 4 square has a lovely scarf included in the backing with amazing circular quilting!

Marylee shows us Lou's most recent work. 

Carol shows us her Kinship foursquare in a wonderful new color selection! Gotta love lotta pink and grey together.

Haley has been a very, very busy woman this summer! Above she shows us the top she pieced at Retreat 2019, now complete with her first pieced border. And as usual a very interesting pieced back. Below we see her "Sister Quilt" featuring the essential summer fruit, strawberries! Lots of strawberries on the back!

Kate is still pursuing the slow stitch. This is Domicile #5, a mixed media wall hanging. More Pink, more gables, more pearl cotton! It is amazing how long and 18" square piece can take to complete...

In response to the Curated Quilts Mini Quilt challenge Kate has begun working with solids. It has turned out to be quite a Plus!

The Threadhouse crew! Up very early, sewing the most fabulous bags, and, featured at the beginning of this post, an amazing clamshell pouch. Nancy told us they are having another Virtual Retreat in October

Barb B has been making pillow cases to match the quilts she has made for her grand daughters.  Flamingos are a feature!

Nancy has been taking a Block of the Month on Houses. She showed us several, including one that strongly resembles the one she grew up in. Her sister helped her get the color right, and the perspective is great!

Patty has been working hard on the embroidery for the Pillow project. She has two sections done already, on a roll!

Diane shows her most recent pair of banners, complete with fabric designs, and rich in stitching both machine quilting, and several types of hand embroidery. Check out the detail to see her skilled use of couching, applique, piecing, and machine quilting. She has also found time to create a design for the Curated Quilts Mini Quilt Challenge. This is her Plus version.

Friday, September 4, 2020

We we will be meeting outdoors on the lawn at Kingston Plains.  Last month we were near the sign for the inn, (see August post below) under the trees. We will have our banner, or a quilt hanging to make it easier to find us this month.   Please bring a lawn chair, mask and your snack. 

Please bring your postcards, for exchange.

   Please limit your show and tell to five items.

We planned this date last month, with a rain delay for the following week, so: 

Check your e-mail last for minute changes due to weather!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

August 1 2020, Outdoor Meeting, Kingston Plains

12 intrepid members gathered in the shade, on the green across from this sign. We were masked and at least 6 feet apart in lawn chairs.Next month look for our banner.
Future Meeting Locations;
September 12th Kingston Plains, Outdoors , 
October 3rd Kingston Plains weather permitting ? 

Rain date for outdoor meetings will be following Saturday for all outdoor meetings.

November, and December are planned to be Zoom, unless the covid closure situation changes.

The group voted unanimously to accept Marylee as Vice president.  

Marylee will be collecting information on the masks members have made.  Please contact her with numbers, and to whom donated.  Diane has volunteered to write an article for the paper.

Committee reports
Jo Anne has volunteered to stay on as Retreat Chair.  She reported that she has tried several times to reach the Franciscan House.  She is trying to reserve the same weekend for May 2021.

Kate reported that the Strawberry Banke show in October is cancelled, but she will send pictures of completed Kinship projects as we have them in anticipation of 2021 show.

Paula reminded us that 2021 would also be the year we could participate in the Festival of Trees, in November.

Our Lottery block from March, Disappearing Arrow (Missouri Star) was awarded by drawing. 

Since we do not have a fall venue this year, the deadline for our 100 Block Kinship quilt has been moved to Sept 2021.  Members are encouraged to scout for other venues.

The four block mini quilt from the 100 Block Quilt project that Diane had planned to display these at Library, is under project modification.   Diane will email.

For September 2020: Diane has proposed a postcard project.  Members to be matched randomly for exchange.  There will be a prize for best card.  A sign up sheet circulated, but members can contact Diane for information.

For October 2020: Patty proposed a Halloween Pillow project.  Please email her for details, to get order placed for patterns and materials.  


Decision was taken to donate Quilt Con charity quilt 2019 to  Seacoast Family Promise for them to raffle as a fundraiser.  Patty will replace label.

Discussion on The Birch Tree quilt was also entered.  Many organizations are not accepting quilt donations at this time.  Members asked to research in need organizations that will accept quilts.

Baby quilts for May shower are also on hold, as event was canceled.          

Patty suggested donating quilts, and coats to homeless living in Lawrence. She will collect them at October meeting.

Show and Tell

JoAnne has been Shop Hopping, and look what she found.  Pre-printed mask fabric from Ruby Star Society!

Block of the month club, really big!

Carol has been making a gift for a friend in poor health. Making the most of lovely 10" squares, and honing skills on borders!

So Haley made a quilt for her mom, and from the extra blocks made a lap quilt for herself. They are now quilt twins!  And look at the fun sheep fabric she found!

Wow! If this is 'Insomnia Quilting', what does 'Wide Awake and Rested Quilting' look like on Haley's worktable? Backing selected by her daughter, so the textile talent runs in the family.

Marylee has been busy making masks, but has also found time to make a rainbow of receiving blankets for an anticipated arrival.  She found a tutorial on Utube!  Search: Self binding baby blanket for an assortment of tutorials both video and static.

This UFO finally finds the finish line! This piece began as a value study while designing a pattern, moved through experimentation in quilting styles, and boasts a real quilt label! Just a Johnny 2020.  Kate kept the light blue fabric out of the trash with help from a nurse.

Shelter #3 5/2020

Kate has also gone down the Slo Stitch rabbit hole, courtesy of a class from Diane.  Small, but intense, this is #3 May 2020,  one in a series of 6 pieces.  Or maybe 9?  Do we hear 12? Covid is playing tricks on her needle.

Not to be outdone in "figuring it out myself-ness" Lou shows us her microwave potato bags, including one with a larger closing flap that she feels works better.  (Also findable on Utube: How to sew a microwave potato bag)  Unfortunately these escaped the photographer.
Colors, LOTS of Colors

Barbara showed us a flying geese block in fall colors, and a quilt top that has bragging rights for background fabric that includes most, if not all of the amazing foreground colors!  Don't miss the really nice use of large scale flowers; powerful but balanced.  

Lots of Warm this Winter

Patty has been captured by some lovely fall colored yarn, and is knitting a sweater. So far it is only a cuff, but it is the beginning of August...

Barbara Shows us a New Bag

Barbara used a Noodlehead pattern by Anna Graham for this bag. She points out the waxed canvas material at the bottom, and says the inset zipper was the most difficult part. But dig the snazzy lining! You can find your phone in there!

Diane shows us three pieces, in addition to planning programs for us!

Above is a pillow she just happened to find the time to take a class to learn about even more stitches.

We wonder, does she sleep at all?

Left is the sampler she has made to acompany the Slow Stitch class she started in February (rudely interuppted by covid...) This piece details the stitches she was teaching in this class. She has posted updates on her website: 


Below is another piece, this time Sashiko stitches, in the traditional blue and white, with a lovely oriental border.