Monday, January 13, 2020

January 2020 : A New Quilting Decade


At our first meeting of the new decade we spoke at length about the proposed changes. Three changes are under discussion:

  • Change wording so that just two officers (president and treasurer) need to approve reimbursements
  • All workshops will have a signed contract; they will be jointly and severably signed off by each participating guild.
  • Marylee also suggested changing bylaws approving co-presidents for the guild (in the future); the group decided to discuss this at a future meeting rather than to rush into anything by voting on this topic today. We want to have a thoughtful discussion about this.
Please think these items over, and come to next meeting prepared to vote on them.  We need a quorum to vote, and we need the bylaws updated to move forward on contracts discussed last year.

Also under discussion are activities for 2020 :
Membership Survey:   ( Please email your program ideas to Diane)

  • A project working with Spoon flower, digital printing
  • Electric Quilting software
  • Road trips
  • Create your own shop hop
  • Day and night quilt by Eleanor Burns,  9 minute preview U Tube
  • 100 Blocks
  • Slow stitching
  • Japanese bunka, a traditional punch needle type embroidery
  • NYC fabric district — Quilters Take Manhattan by Quilters Alliance
  • Leni Levenson Wiener, in particular her book Photo Inspired Art Quilts
We also spoke about Membership and Publicity, and March is Bring a New Member!   See the Join Us tab for more info!

AAAAAnd last discussion, but certainly not the least, Diane introduced the 100 Blocks Project. She distributed the pattern books ordered, and provided a free pattern for those not ordering the book.  Please see Current blocks and Challenges tab for details!

After snacks, coordinated by our new Hospitalty chair, Carol we settled in for Sew And Tell:

Stellar Finish

Bethany's Birdbath at Sunset 

Bethany started this quilt in 2014, from an Elizabeth Hartman's Birdbath pattern and has just finished it.  She has taken classes at Portsmouth Fabric on using their longarm quilt machines, and reports that after a bit of a learning curve she is quilting very quickly! 


Improv Curves Ahead!

Haley's Curved Improv

Lovely Binding and backing

Haley Has not forgotten anything learned in our Rapid Curves workshop from last spring.  Complete with pieced binding and a lovely floral background!  In fact she has gone past the hanging and into a lap quilt! And isn't the black an eye catcher?


Measure out

Oh Snap!

Marylee showed us the Snap Bag.   Tutorial on U Tube

A piece of old tape measure, and 11 minute tutorial,  dare you to make Just One!

πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ From our new memberπŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Tree Skirt

Our newest member Carol showed us her tree skirt.  According to her she now knows something to do with her machine other that turn it on and off.  (since I have never made anything round, she is ahead of me!)  And what a fun backing!

🍬Another New Pattern🍬

Kate holds up her second Christmas quilt, inspired by our show at the Urban Forestry Center in December.  She was also inspired by a quilt from Eye Candy on Instagram.  IG  is totally absorbing, and full of dynamic quilting. 


Beautiful Bags

Ever industrious Nancy showed us a trio of bags in wonderful colors, and stellar workmanship.

A Charm Tote in fabulous selection of colors and prints, and two Sew Together Bags complete with double zippers and rainbow interiors!




And the last member in the circle, Diane showed us an auction piece based on the tale of Baba Yaga, a tale from slavic folk lore.  Her house stands on chicken legs!

Next, a piece for a SAQA challenge "Visionary".  It is full of quotes from Margaret Atwood

Flutterbye Challenge

And just to finish off with a flutter, a photo print of a moth.  By the way, this lovely modern moth is what the woolly bear caterpillars turn into if you don't step on them!