Saturday, January 2, 2021

December 2020

Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild
Zoom Meeting
Dec 12th 2020 10 am-12 pm

17 members gathered on Zoom to celebrate the Holiday.  Jo Anne is planning Zoom meetings until the pandemic eases, and we feel safe to meet in person, so watch your emails for Zoom links.  Next meeting is Jan 9th.

Paula let us know that the New England Quilt Museum is open for in person visits, and that they have a virtual presentation: Deeds Not Words.

Secret Santa proceeded as follows:

*Mary received a lovely selection of fabrics from Carol.

*Lou received a book, Threads of Life, and a pair of scissors from Mary.

*JoAnne received a pair of scissors and an ornament 

*Coleen received a lovely card, seam ripper, snips and solids from JoAnne.

*Kate received small templates, applique pins, a lovely strip of fabric used as a bow and thoughtful card from Coleen.

*Marylee received a handblown ornament, quilted storage bag, and zentangled card from Kate.

*Barbara W received pink thread, and fabric to match from Barb M.

*Barbara B  received Soap, Lotion, Quilt Pins, a framed cross stitch, and a cute tin of fabric clips from Barb W.

* Paula received a much valued set of seam rippers and colorful pins and fun card from Theresa.

*Carol received (in a much loved puppy paw bag!) a snap bag, pink fabric, and he favorite scented candles from Paula.

*Robin received “The world’s cutest bag” containing lovely fabric, and a bottle of the newest Best Press from Barb B.

*Barb M received a lovely card, thread “the perfect color”, and a pattern for a bag from Sotak Handmade’s Lola Pouch that she has been wishing for from Robin. 

* Stephanie received lovely fabric in orange from Barb M

*Diane received cute pins from Stephanie.

*Haley received Quilt Big, a quilting book about large blocks, and so wonderful Heather Ross fabrics from Sasha.

*Bethany received a pair of travel sized scissors (to keep in one of her several project bags) from Patty.

*Theresa received an M&M Bag filled with cotton pearl thread and a needle threader from Bethany.

We also had Show and Tell, but since most were in process, and the writer has no pictures, we will save them for a future date.  Happiest, and Safest of Holidays to one and all.

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