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SMQG January 2022 meeting minutes

                                                    SEACOAST MODERN QUILT GUILD


JANUARY 8, 2022


Patty C, JoAnne D, Brenda S, Donna C, Barbara W, Paula K, Diane S, Theresa H, Mary O, Colleen H, Nancy P, Barb B, Carol B

Patty introduced the new Board and welcomed everyone to a busy year for SMQG. 

President – Patty

Co Vice Presidents – Colleen and Barb B

Treasurer – Barbara M

Secretary – Carol


In the December Board meeting it was agreed that due to the current Covid-19 surge we’ll continue to meet via Zoom.  The (tentative) plan is to meet outside in person in June, July and August. We need to find a spot with WiFi to allow those not able to attend in person to join.  As expressed in the past this is subject to change based on conditions at the time.

Pintuck & Purl will be sponsoring a Maker’s Market in April in Hampton, NH.  We discussed our participation in the event such as having an information only table, possibly raffling a quilt.  Before a decision is made it needs to be determined how, as a Non-profit organization, proceeds can be disbursed.


Membership for New England Quilt Museum

We fall into the membership level which includes:

~4 single use guest passes for admission of a total of 8 people.

~link to their website

~exclusive events

~guild directory

~communication of information

~advertising program

We have received a donation for the 2022 membership fee.  Thank you.


Committee Reports:                                                                                    

Treasurer’s report was given. 

December minutes were approved.


Reminder to all to send in your 2022 $30.00 dues.  


A survey will be sent out to membership to learn what everyone is interested in for 2022 activities. Please return so we can plan for the year!

 SMQG 10th Anniversary plans –

~Barbara W suggested 10 blocks to reflect each year’s focus.

~Diane inquired about the design and who will be involved in deciding what it will be

~Paula asked if it should be a full sized quilt or a banner.

~Mary O suggested the quilt should stay with the guild and be in the background of our meeting and, that the theme and pattern should be a group meeting decision.


Activities for Quilt Con – pending until guidelines are published.

Charity – Amy Friend is looking for quilts to gift to the Afghan family that recently moved to the area.  She is also looking for gift cards for the family.  Mary will take this forward.

Sasha took inventory of our charity quilts and we don’t have a large amount available at the moment.  Does anyone have any 2021 BoM blocks they won’t be using? They could be pulled together and made into a quilt.

Charity sew-ins – should we bring them back?

Create a breakout group to allow more focus on charity?

Retreat – Current reserved dates are April 28-May 1. Barb B suggested we explore other dates as a back-up plan.  Patty will reach out to our contact at the Franciscan Monastery in Kennebunk, ME.  Colleen will take retreat from JoAnne.

Social Media – Colleen will reach out to Sasha to see if she would like to take it over. We also need to discuss the future of Goggle in how we manage our document retention and communication.


Today, in addition to our regular Show & Tell we dug deep into our basket of tools for “Bring your favorite tool”

Patty showed us a seam ripper with replaceable blades that she says works wonders.

Paula showed us her mini seam ripper which has a rubber tip that can be used as a machine stylus and collect threads.  Great multi-use tool from Craft South!

Theresa has two favorites – an acrylic binding tool from Font & Porter and, a micro brush for cleaning the bobbin case and machine

JoAnne loves her Quilter’s Select ruler from Alex Anderson which has a grip on the back to prevent slippage.

Brenda makes finger pressing easier with a crafty DYI – half of a clothes pin!

Barb B makes cleaning your machine easier using a vacuum cleaner hose extensions. This mini vac attachment set is made specifically for sewing machines.

Carol uses a ruler that lines up the center line with the corners of the square to make sewing HST easier and more precise.

Barbara W found her favorite tool on an Applebee’s burger! The pick they put through the bun has become her go to push fabric thru and, the other end to flatten the fabric. She was kind enough to share them with us last year.

Diane’s favorite is a time saver Dritz Ezy Hem gauge for measuring and ironing to set a variety of hem sizes.

Colleen loves Carol Doak’s “Add a quarter” and “Add an eighth” rulers for paper piecing. They have a lip which helps when trimming fabric.


Show and Tell:

Barbara W is working on a Missouri Star Quilt Co patter called Reflections.

Donna showed us her Hi-De-Ho Picnic quilt from Maywood Studios using scraps in red, white and blue.

Patty is working on a Crab Apple Hill quilt for a co-worker who is retiring.  For the embroidery she traced the Halloween witch pieces using colored pencils.

Brenda attended a Sherry Lynn Wood improv workshop.  She showed us a block in black, white, peach and aqua with a very modern design.

Theresa used a Quick Curve ruler to make her 160 3”x11” units Metro Twist quilt from Pintuck & Purl.


Future Meeting Dates and Locations:

Regular monthly meetings will be held on the first Saturday of each month (adjusted for holiday weekends). Initially, 2022 meetings will be held remotely via Zoom.  Any changes for 2022 dates and/or location will be announced in advance.

Be sure to mark your calendars:

January 8

February 5

March 5

April 2

May 7

June 4

July 9

August 6

September 10

October 1

November 5

December 3

Board of Directors monthly meeting schedule will be announced soon. 

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