Tuesday, November 1, 2022

SMQG October 2022 meeting minutes

                                                         Seacoast Modern Quit Guild

October 1, 2022

Meeting Minutes

The meeting began at 10:00 a.m. at the Brentwood Library.


Mary O., Brenda S., Wendy W., JoAnne D., Barb B., Donna C., Patty C., Theresa H., Paula K.,  Joyce H. (new member), Nancy P., Lou S., Marylee W.

Patty opened the meeting with a request for a nomination committee. Barb B. volunteered to collect the nominations. The following positions are open for the 2023 year, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Media.  Secretary, Carol B. and Programs, Diane S. remain in their positions.

Patty reminded members that the November meeting will take place at the Stratham Library, and December’s meeting will take place at the Kingston Library. 

Committee updates were discussed as follows:

Treasurer’s Report:

Patty referred to the treasurers report. Barb M. was not able to attend the October meeting therefore, the report will be emailed to the members after the meeting.


Marylee discussed the October challenge which continues with color theory from September and distributed a package for Monologuing.

Marylee discussed the program for December which will be a Yankee Swap. After the discussion it was determined that any member who would like to participate, to either make something fabric/quilt related or purchase a quilt related item that can be $15 to $20.00.  It will be up to each member what they would like to gift at the swap.

Future programs were briefly discussed and Patty reminded members that the survey results were emailed in February of 2022 and resent last week. A copy of the survey results was passed around.  Marylee requested any new members let programs know what they are interested in seeing for 2023.


Patty announced that she will chair the April 27th – 30th retreat. JoAnne Davidson agreed to co-chair.

Raffle Quilt:

The raffle quilt was discussed. Patty requested that anyone who haven’t received their tickets to sell, please notify her and they will be mailed out to them.  Members were asked at the September meeting to sell at least 10 tickets.

Information sharing took place where Mary O spoke about Quilting Arts Magazine which is a great publication and it’s free for 30 days.  Marylee informed us that her local library has a subscription and suggested members check with their local libraries and review it.

Mary O. informed the membership that the Modern Quilt Guild website has virtual classes in October and they can register now for $95.00.  The virtual classes have multiple teachers for example Jo Avery and Karen Lewis.

 Paula K. announced she was collecting signature blocks for the Anniversary Quilt.  She will deliver them to Diane who is working on the layout.

Quilt Con 2023 came up in discussion.  Patty attempted to register the Anniversary Quilt as a community submission because the deadline is October 31st but needed the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild’s password.  It was suggested that the guild secretary could register our submission.

The business meeting closed and under the direction of Brenda S., the members began creating strip quilts for Project Linus.  The sewing session ended with an estimate of 30 completed blocks.

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