Tuesday, March 7, 2023


March 2023 Membership Meeting Recap


  • QuiltCon digital goodie bag is available though MQG website. Must be a member to access.

  • QuiltCon 2023 is available on line via MQG website. Must be a member to access.

  • February and March Colors of the Month on MQG website.

  • April 22 & 23 – “Hands Across the Valley” Quilt Show, Hampshire College, Amherst MA

  • Annual membership fees now Due; $50.00. Please mail in to SMQG post box.

  • April meeting will be at N. Hampton, NH Public Library, Saturday April 1 at 10:00am

MQG February Color Palette



  • Final payments due to SMQG by March 11. Send to SMQG post box.

  • Food sign up

    • Bring own plate, glass, cup/mug, utensils, serving utensils if bringing food to share

    • OK to bring wine, alcoholic beverages

QuiltCon Presentation

  • Entire show available on MQG website

  • 2024 to be in Raleigh, NC

  • Show is free to MQG members

  • MQG Website Discoveries

    • Printed and Patched” – designing with printed fabrics

    • Daisy Aschehoug – acrylic templates

    • Mary Fons – 200 years of American quilting

    • Tara Faughnan – “Design Process: From Initial Spark to the Finished Quilt”

    Scooter’s Block

    Diane will be presenting how to make Scooter’s Block at April meeting. Pattern requires a focal fabric, solid white, plus 3 others fabrics pulling colors from focal fabric. Diane will be supplying the focal fabric (a floral) and the white. Each participating member to supply remaining 3 from own stash. Can use “Palette Builder”, a free app, to get Kona fabric recommendations. Diane will show how to use Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful to make the circles. Can also use Drunkard’s Path template. Participants recommended to bring this project to retreat to work on and get assistance.

    Side Show & Tell (photos not available)

    • Patty - hydrangea themed quilt for co-worker

    • Paula - table topper for daughter’s friend

    • Diane – art work computer printed on fabric, then embellished and embroidered

    • Brenda – baby quilting

    • Joyce – log cabin for brother