Blocks & Challenges

February Update

Lottery Block
We will be using the Missouri Star pattern Disappearing Arrow.
You will need two 10" blocks, one white, one black, print or solid.
Have fun!

As of March meeting this challenge has been extended until the April Meeting.


At our February meeting we assembled our color study blocks, aaaand the score is 6 Rectangular to 5 Square!  Diane will tell us where we are going from here!

At our January meeting Diane distributed the Kinship patterns she had ordered for us.  Below is her write up of the plan for February meeting:

We will be using the 100 blocks patterns on many projects this year. We plan to create a quilt by September to display at Strawberry Banke. If you did not purchase the book, use a block pattern you like....
Moda has the Moda Blockheads patterns for free on line that you might want to check out.
Our first project due at the next meeting  is to make one block in colors you might use in your quilt and then do the same block over in a different color way....try the links on the sheet to get harmony ideas and color choices.

Have fun!
At the meeting next month, we will put our blocks up side by side and vote on which from each pair we prefer. The “winning “ blocks will be put on the Design wall and sewed into a charity quilt top at this “ working “ meeting.

Here is a link to the other pattern she distributed at the meeting

Here are some of the links she included in the handout:
Palette Builder 2.1  
Color Harmony by Steph Kardal
Morpholio Board

And she cautions "Don't look at these sites unless you want to fall into the virtual rabbit hole of color."  She is right.