Thursday, November 19, 2015

November Meeting Recap

Our November business meeting was held at the Newmarket Public Library last weekend. Laura opened with a thank you for all the volunteers, quilts and hard work that went into The Gathering show. She is working on getting some photos up here and a blog post. We made over $300 (way to go Sue and SueAnn - our rainmakers!) which covers the making cost plus other show expenses.
QuiltCon Entries are due on Nov 30! Work on them in advance and save your information to a document before submission. The website gets bogged down and buggy on deadline day. It is $30 per three entries and payment is needed for Michael Miller and triangle challenge entries.
Our January activity/venue is up in the air; possibly Newmarket again or Stratham. Laura is looking for a volunteer(s) who will be in town on 1/2/16 to run a workshop. Anyone game?
In December we will be in Stratham for our annual End of the Year potluck and celebration. Bring a brunch item to share and your drawstring bag for swapping. Any ideas for an extra “fun” game? Laura played the Kona name matching game that Kaufman did at quilt market and thinks this could be set up. More ideas are welcome and there are a few remaining prizes to give out!
QuiltCon Charity Challenge Quilt update: Laura had contacted the Jeannie Geiger Center but hadn't heard back from them. We discussed some other donation options such as HAWC on the North Shore or MAEMMS house in Haverhill. The finished quilt needs to be shipped to Pasadena after the December meeting.
Judy let us know that she's been talking to the librarian at the West Newbury library (across from the Old Town Hall) about a fiber exhibit in the library in Jan-Feb. They are collecting items in December and are very interested in getting work from our guild because we meet in West Newbury. Minis would be a great addition. Judy will have more details shortly.
Jess had our Retreat/Treasurer update. Deposits will be due in January with payment installments in Feb. and March.The dates are April 14-17 and the Franciscan is offering the same pricing as last year.
Kali brought up the Mary Fons webinar tonight (!) Nov. 19. Mary Fons is good speaker. And if you miss it live, you can watch it from the MQG website afterwards.
Our annual election took place on 2016 officers and some bylaw revisions. Final results to come shortly.
Show and tell!!!

 Suzanne showed off a completed wheel chair charity quilt from our Jelly Roll Race.

She also found some hand sewn mini blocks from a handful of decades ago. 

Bea had a gorgeous finish for her bed with this pastel star beauty.

Kate Kim's daughter Lucille joined us to debut her first finished quilt. Way to go Lucille!!! Pretty in Pink indeed.

Kate also had a finish with a lovely lap quilt in cool purples.

Allison made this panel (three more to go!) at Latifah Saafir's class at The Gathering. 

She also did some pattern testing for The TartanKiwi with this fierce paper pieced cat. 

Sue had completed a shop sample of Urban Cabin (Atkinson Designs) in soft, smoky hues.

Nancy also had a finish from a Latifah Saafir class - a pillow with zipper.


Also ooh and aah worthy is her runner up in the Texting While Sewing Contest on Amy's blog. The pattern is Mega Bow Tucks from Quilt Illustrated.

Nancy took a Jacquie Gering workshop and has a slash and insert top.

And just to show us all up with her productivity, a super colorful and lovely bed size wonder!

Laura had a finished quilt from blocks she inherited from a Do Good Stitches circle. 

And an applique lovely in complementary orange and blues.

Mary has a Halloween in progress piece with the cutest ric rac accents.

Jess is working on a clamshell in purples, that blended nicely with her handmade skirt in Joel Dewberry purple swallows.

This picture does not being to do justice to the wonderous creation that is the Lizzy House cat bra!! Songs will be sung of this at future guild meetings. 

Colleen showed her Alison Glass and Essex Linen in progress piece. 

Paula showed her Triangle Challenge for QuiltCon. 

Diane had two QuiltCon challenges - Triangle and Michael Miller Glitz challenge.

Jane, a new member, has a happy, sunny quilt top with some spectacular border to attach. 

Marylee had two quilted bags that start off as a square, some kind of origami voodoo and it's a purse!

Alison did a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) demonstration with some low volume blocks from the Boston Modern Quilt Guild.

She showed the sashed back of her picnic quilt and demonstrated that technique.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

November meeting reminder and other announcements

November is a big month for our guild! I have a few reminders for everyone, and a few reminders for those volunteering at the Gathering.

  • Got patchwork skills? I'm currently seeking member volunteers to run regular meeting workshops in January and March. I need quilters who can cover topics such as "Conquering Y-Seams", "Piecing Curves," "Free-motion Quilting on Your Home Machine," "Sewing a Perfect 1/4'' Seam"/"Patchwork Basics Bootcamp." Never taught a workshop before? Don't think you're an expert? You probably ARE an expert and don't know it. If you're willing to look up a traditional block that includes a Y-seam, practice it a few times on your own time, and show us how to do it in a meeting, you're an expert! Bonus points if you can show us how to turn our workshop sample into a finished product such as a pillow or pouch. Please contact Laura if you are interested.
  • If you have signed up to volunteer at the Gathering: Please remember to save your validated parking receipts (all-day parking is validated by the show and will cost $5) and the guild will reimburse you for parking on the day(s) you are volunteering at the show. I will distribute information about picking up your entry passes to the show next week, but no volunteer should have to pay to enter the show on the day they work. If you have not received your guild t-shirt, it will be available at the show starting on Wednesday afternoon. For your volunteer shift, please wear either your SMQG t-shirt or, if you plan to wear an apron, a navy blue shirt of your choice, and pants or skirt of your choice (it is OK to layer your shirt over a long-sleeved shirt). Please remember to wear your guild nametag!
  • If you signed up to help hang the show on Wednesday November 4, please plan to meet at the Manchester Radisson sometime between 12 pm and 3 pm and work until around 6 pm that evening. 
  • If you have a quilt in the Gathering show, you may pick it up at the November 14 meeting. Please contact Mary if you cannot attend this meeting. 
  • Lined Drawstring Bag Swap!: If you would like to participate in the Lined Drawstring Bag Swap for our end-of-year celebration in December, please contact Mary as soon as possible and include the following: 1) your name, 2) favorite fabrics/colors/designers, 3) favorite notion or notion you've always wanted to try. Mary will be distributing your partner information soon, so if you haven't yet let her know that you want to participate, please do so now.
  • November meeting is November 14, 10a-12pm, at the Newmarket NH Public Library. There is ample free parking behind the library; the library opens at 10 so you won't want to be too early. On the agenda for this meeting: voting on our 2016 officers and bylaw revisions (please see the previous blog post and emails from Judy for details). After our business meeting, we will have show and tell. Remember Allison's gorgeous QAYG scrap quilt? She'll be giving a QAYG demo at the November meeting, so you'll be equipped to make your own scrap quilt! The lottery block is still Berene's Spooky Eyes block.
If you have ANY questions, or think that I've forgotten ANY details, please email me and ask, or let me know! I can't wait to see many of you at our show last week. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

October Meeting Recap

Lots of business to take care of last Saturday in West Newbury. Judy ably stepped in for the vacationing Laura, agenda in hand. 

The electronic submission date is 11/30. For $30 you can submit up to 3 quilts. Full details on the show and quilt submissions are here.

A Quilter's Gathering

Our volunteer slots are filled! (Thank You!). AQG will cover the cost of a 3-day pass for volunteers and SMQG will reimburse one $5 parking fee. See Jess with your receipts after the show. 

Mary distributed t-shirts and showed off the promo post cards featuring several different quilts and guild contact information on the back. 

East Kingston Library Exhibit

For advance promotion of AQG, Diane is coordinating an exhibit of quilts at the East Kingston Library. If you have a quilt that you'd like to show, please contact Diane soon!

Treasurer's Report/Retreat

Jess submitted the Treasurer's report and gave some retreat information. In January, deposits will be taken for the April 14 - 17th retreat at the Franciscan in Kennebunkport. Jess is taking volunteers for hospitality and swag for the retreat. A fun way to jump into guild activities, just sayin.

Raffle Blocks

The Spooky Eye raffle blocks will be continued for another month. It will be after Halloween for the second round but that leaves plenty of time to finish the WIP for next year. Tutorial here

December Secret Handmade Swap

Mary collected some information from the participants and will make partner assignments by the 23rd of this month. The tutorial for the Lined Drawstring Bag is here. Fill with $15 of fun notions, fabric and goodies for your partner to exchange at our last meeting of the year.

For all of Mary's hard work over the last month(s), Jess created this "High Five" to acknowledge her efforts. It was quite the badge of honor!!

Wonky Star Blocks for Laura

Well, it's not a secret so... Judy is collecting presidential thank you blocks, please have them to her by the November meeting. The specs are found in this recap.

Officer Nominations

Voting for 2016 Officers will be at the November meeting (Nov. 14 at the Newmarket Library). If you need an absentee ballot, please let Laura know. The nominations for officers are:

President - Mary Gregory
Vice President - Nancy Peach
Secretary - Kali Zirkle
Treasurer - Jess Benoit May

All are running uncontested. 

By-law Revisions

Judy has been toiling on the dry, but necessary By-law revisions. The document has been emailed to all members for review with the changes highlighted in red type. We will be voting to adopt these revisions next month as well.

Show and Tell

Judy showed the finished raffle quilt. Good job everyone! Thanks to Mary for the glorious quilting. Let's sell some raffle tickets next month!!! (My apologies for the blur!)

Susan showed a huge California King navy geometric that is destined for her son's bed. The back is as lovely as the front.

Kali was heading to the wedding of the couple that will receive this beautiful sampler after the meeting. It contains fabrics from the bride's family and wedding ring blocks.

Mary had improv blocks from guild scrap leftovers from a long ago meeting. Trash becomes treasure.

Jess sported a Heather Ross Tiger Lily skirt with girls climbing trees. Squeee!

Jelly Roll Race

With all business taken care of, Kali explained the basics of the jelly roll race as we divided into 4 teams to create wheelchair lap quilts destined for nursing homes in NH and MA. The teams will complete the quilts (polyester batting is preferred for heavy duty washing) for the February meeting.

The one team that did not get a decent photograph (probably because Mary was sewing too darn fast) finished first with this colorful quilt top. Yay, quick! Yay, easy! Yay, fun! 

Thanks for all the helpful hands that make quick work.

See you next month, a week later on November 14, 10 am at the Newmarket, NH library, 1 Elm Street. Note that the library opens at 10am so don't be too early. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

October meeting reminder

Our October meeting will be held on Saturday, October 3 from 10 am to 12 pm at the West Newbury Old Town Hall--different from the West Newbury Annex where we met in September. The address is 491 Main Street, West Newbury, MA 01985; it is the historical white building where we held the Sherri Lynn Wood workshop. Parking is in the rear of the building.

Leave yourself time to pack for this meeting! Please plan to bring:

--quilts that are accepted into the A Quilter's Gathering Show, with 4'' hanging sleeves attached. The tutorial for the hanging sleeve is HERE. This is the last time you will see your quilt until it is hanging in the show, so make sure it is show-ready! Acceptance emails have not yet been sent. If you submitted a quilt, please check your email on Saturday 9/26 to find out if it was accepted for the show. 

--your lottery blocks: Mary chose a fun and seasonal block, spooky eyeballs! Find the tutorial HERE.

--any quilted work you would like to share for show and tell

--your nominations for officer roles! Many of our current officers are in need of a sabbatical, so there are many roles to be filled. Please consider nominating yourself for one of these positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. If you'd like the inside scoop on any of these jobs, Laura, Judy, Jess, or Peg would be happy to let you know what the job entails.

--your sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (scissors, thread snips, neutral piecing thread, whatever foot you like for piecing) for a fun charity sew-in! We'll be putting together some wheelchair comfort quilts using the Jelly Roll Race. I'm promised that the quilt tops will take less than an see what you're in for, you can watch THIS YouTube video. We will need volunteers to quilt and bind the finished quilt tops. The guild has purchased jelly rolls, so there is no need to bring fabric!

--any fabric you are ready to get rid of (but not make money off of) for the free fabric table!

Whew! That's a lot planned. I won't actually be at the meeting--I will be on vacation with my family. Have a ton of fun jelly roll racing!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September meeting recap

Our September meeting was held last Saturday at the West Newbury Town Hall Annex. (Not to be confused with the Old Town Hall down the street where we will meet next month.)

The Gathering Exhibit Update

Business started with a reminder that Gathering Exhibit electronic submissions are due NEXT WEEK - Tuesday 9/15 Midnight EDT. The electronic submission consists of emailing a overall and detail photo to Laura as well as a makers statement then filling out the Google Form

We're looking for quilts that fall in the modern spectrum, to illustrate elements of Modern. Don't omit an entry because you're not sure if it's "modern enough"! Please consider submitting more than 2. The original guideline has softened so that we can be well represented. 

The Exhibit Committee met with Kate of A Quilter's Gathering at the Radisson in Manchester on Sunday to go over details. Kate has offered a free multi-day pass to anyone who a.) enters a quilt AND b.) volunteers for a time slot. The guild will pick up one day of the discounted parking fee of $5. That's $17 dollars that can be better used to buy fabric at the Merchant Mall, just sayin'.

You will be notified if your quilt was chosen for entry by the end of September. (Just enough time to speed stitch that label and 4" sleeve. Sleeve Tutorial here.) 

The exhibit quilt handoff will be at the October meeting. If you can't make it, please contact Mary for alternate arrangements.

October Meeting Notes

Our October meeting will be a charity sew-in with a four team jelly roll race to make wheelchair comfort quilts. Bring your sewing machine, bobbins loaded and the usual notion assortment. 

We will also have a fabric swap table. It's a fabric free-cycle. Bring something that you don't want anymore and find another treasure to pick up. No money changes hands.

The October lottery block is the Eyeballs block by Happy Sew Lucky. The color scheme is black and white with some color in the eyes if you wish.

Also at the next meeting, Mary will be taking names of those who want to participate in the December Secret Handmade Swap. This will consist of making a Lined Drawstring Bag by Jeni Baker and fill it with approximately $15 of  fat quarters, thread, notions, zippers, whatever.  Simple, easy, and fun.

Show and Tell

Mary showed her low-volume with a slash of color quilt.

New member Susan Gold brought a table runner made from scraps of Asian fabrics.

Another new member, Kate Kim was inspired by blue polka dots for this beauty.

Judy finished a mini quilt from her improv work at the Sherri Lynn Wood workshop.

New-ish member, Bea Matheson had a quilt top of staggered houses.

Diane did some pattern testing for a wedge ruler.

The back was equally fun and geometric!

Sue Ann showed a mystery quilt that was difficult to make but ended up stunning.

And her retreat finish, like buttah!

Laura was working with the 6 minute reverse applique circles that she would be teaching the class shortly.

She also showed her house quilt, marking the journey to home ownership with some notable literary houses represented too. 

The September lottery blocks go to Barbara in absentia. 

The 6 minute Reverse Applique Circle demonstrated by Laura

Start with two pieces of freezer paper, iron shiny side to matte to make a double thickness sheet.

Trace a circle on the paper and cut out the circle

Iron the shiny side to the wrong side of the fabric.

Cut out the center, leaving 1/4" from template. Snip "eyelashes" about 1/4" apart from edge of fabric to edge of template. 

 Iron eyelashes to the back of the freezer paper.

Apply glue stick or starch to eyelashes and place the inner circle fabric. Set the glue/starch with a hot dry iron (this will keep your needle from gumming up).

Stitch around the circle in a thread that matches the background fabric. Voila!