Sunday, March 19, 2017

Announcing Our Spring Speaker: Timna Tarr

Timna Tarr will be speaking at the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild on May 6, 2017 at our 10:00  meeting.  We will be meeting at the West Newbury Town Annex located at 381 Main Street, West Newbury, MA 01985.  There will be a fee for this meeting of $5 for members and $10 for non-members.  

Photo Courtesy of Timna Tarr

Timna Tarr comes from a long line of quilters but did not begin quilting until after studying art history in college. She bought her first longarm in 2001 and began quilting clients' quilts shortly thereafter. Since then she has custom designed and quilted thousands of quilts. Timna’s own nationally award-winning quilts are in private and corporate collections and have been seen in numerous exhibits, quilting magazines, and books. She is an in-demand speaker and teacher throughout the northeastern United States and is a member of her local guilds, Hands Across the Valley Quilters Guild and the Northampton Modern Quilt Guild.

Describing her work, Timna says:
“My work is about color and small compositions. Each block in a quilt is made as its own element, independent of the other blocks. After all of the blocks are constructed, my goal is to arrange the small compositions to play off each other and work together to create a larger whole. What keeps me engaged is watching how the project changes and transforms with the addition of each color and texture. 

The resulting quilts are contemporary works, set in this time and place, which reference the rich tradition of quilt making.”

Please make plans to join us and invite a friend!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March Meeting Recap

On March 4th we met at the library in Brentwood for our monthly meeting.

Upcoming events and dates: 

National Quilting Day: Saturday, March 18 10-3pm - We will be meeting for an optional sew in at the East Kingston Town Library, located at 47 Maplevale Rd, East Kingston, NH 03827. Bring your sewing machine, a project to work on, and a bag lunch.

April Meeting: Saturday, April 1 10-2 - For our April meeting we will have a free-sew time at the West Newbury Town Hall Annex. Bring your sewing machine, a project to work on, snacks to share if you would like, and a bag lunch.

May Meeting - Special Guest Speaker Timna Tarr: Saturday, May 6th 10-12pm: We will be hosting Timna Tarr for our May meeting. There will be a fee for this meeting of $5 for members, and $10 for non-members. This meeting will also be held at the West Newbury Town Hall Annex. Please invite your friends, or other quilters!

Retreat: May 25-28 - Our 2017 retreat will be held at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunk. There is still space available.
If you are paying with three payments, your next payment will be due 3/17. If you are paying with 2 payments, your next payment will be due 4/17. See more payment information here.

Workshops with Jen Carlton Bailly: September 9 & 10, 9am-4pm - We will be hosting two workshops with Jen Carlton Bailly of @bettycrockerass in September, and we still have spaces open in both the Sew All The Curves Plus Design and Scandinavian Flower Garden workshops. Both workshops will focus on curved piecing. Sign ups are now open to the public, so invite your friends and read more about these here!

Mary O also told us about the Quilters Take Manhattan event that is in September held by the Quilt Alliance. This year the keynote speaker is Sherri Lynn Wood, and registration opens to Quilt Alliance members on March 13th. It looks like there is some information on this in their Facebook page at:

BOM: The Block of the Month group is going strong! This month they will be making block number 1- First Kiss. Judy mentioned that page 169 in the book may have incorrect directions, but photocopying at 100% will yield the correct size blocks.

April Block Lottery - In April for the block lottery we will be revisiting an idea we had used a few years ago for a block lottery. Here are the directions from Judy:
This month's raffle block is a star block.  You are asked to make any type of star you want, the more variety we get the better.  There are countless free tutorials on line for star blocks and I am sure that if you look through books and magazines you have you'll find some more.  The only guidelines are:

  • Use Kona white (not an off white please) for your background fabric.
  • Block size can be anything between 8” square and 12” square.
  • Fabric choice should be bright, modern fabrics, either prints or solids.

I encourage you to have fun with this, perhaps trying a star block you have never made before.  

Here are a few links for inspiration, but any star block that fits the size requirements will do! Maybe a good time to try paper piecing? Diane was the winner of this block lottery before, and above is the quilt that she made

Judy also passed the "Highfive Hand" to Kali, for her wonderful blog posts and helpful links. :)

Show and Tell
Jane F shared her finished Aviatrix Medallion quilt, as designed by Elizabeth Hartman.
 Hildy shared this charity quilt top that she made using strips from a jelly roll race that was done with the Cambridge MQG.

Diane shared this mini quilt that she made using the January and March Mighty Lucky challenges, 
 And this prayer rug that she made using the March Mighty Lucky quilting challenge guidelines. This will be donated. More information on making and donating a prayer rug can be found here.
 Robin shared with us this quilt that was inspired by a tile floor. Her husband helped make the paper piecing pattern.
 Allison showed us this quilt which is destined to go to Camp Erin. The Cambridge MQG is donating 100 quilts to Camp Erin, read more here!
 Jane shared two quilt finishes destined to be donated to charity as well (however I only got pictures of one, sorry!)

Carrie Zizza of It's a Zizza Quilting demonstrated quilting with rulers for us. See her list of recommended tools below! 

Recommended tools:
Extension Table
Supreme Slider - Carrie recommends using some masking tape to make sure that the edges are stuck down very well.
Quilting Gloves
80 or 90 Topstitch Needle
Single Hole Stitch Plate is recommended
Polyfoam Caulk Saver to use when pin basting with straight pins. This compresses and lets you place a ruler flat over a pin (if using flat head pins, like the flower ones)
Ruler Foot for your sewing machine, paying special attention to if your machine is a low, medium, or high shank. Carrie recommends the company Westalee, however some manufacturers like Bernina make their own ruler feet.
Rulers for quilting - Carrie recommends starting with the Westalee ruler sampler set that comes with 6 different rulers.
Some machine quilting rulers are thicker than regular rotary cutting rulers (however these can be used too) and may be too thick to use behind the ruler foot, especially if you have a low shank machine.
It is also possible to make templates out of a few layers of foam core.

Hope to see you on March 18th in East Kingston, or April 1 in West Newbury!

Monday, February 27, 2017

March Meeting Reminder

We will be holding our March meeting on Saturday the 4th, from 10-12. We will be meeting in a new location, the Mary E. Bartlett Memorial Library in Brentwood NH.
We are encouraged to carpool to this meeting as there is not much parking at the library. If you are able, please park in the ball field out back. We have also been advised to dress in layers as the room may be a little chilly when we first get there.

Carrie Zizza of It's A Zizza Machine Quilting will be demonstrating machine quilting with rulers for us.

Reminder: Signups are still open for the September Workshops with Jen Carlton Bailly. If you are interested in signing up you may bring the deposit with you to give to Amy or Judy at the meeting.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 Retreat Payment Information

2017 SMQG Franciscan Guest House Retreat Costs
Dates: May 25-28 2017

Checks Payable: Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild
Mail: Barbara Brian
56 Oriole Dr.
Bedford, NH 03110

Single Room
3 Nights Total: $373.05

3 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $124.35 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17

3 Payment PayPal Schedule
  • $128.10 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

2 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $186.50 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17

2 Payment PayPal Schedule
  • $192.10 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

Single Room
2 Nights Total: $262.00

3 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $87.35 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17

3 Payment PayPal Schedule
  • $90.00 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

2 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $131.00 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17

2 Payment PayPal Schedule
  • $135.00 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

Double Room
3 Nights Total: $274.95

3 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $91.65 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17

3 Payment PayPal Schedule
  • $94.40 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

2 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $131.00 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17

2 Payment PayPal Schedule
  • $134.95 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

Double Room
2 Nights Total: $206.60

3 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $68.90 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17

3 Payment PayPal Schedule
  • $70.95 Payments Due By: 2/17, 3/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

2 Payment Cash/Check Schedule
  • $103.30 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17

2 Payment PayPal Schedule

  • $106.40 Payments Due By: 2/17, 4/17
  • Includes 3% PayPal Transaction Fee

Rooming and Payment Options

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February Meeting Recap

We met on Saturday at the Kingston Library for our February meeting.

Marylee won our doorprize, which was a copy of "Make It! Patchwork" Magazine donated by Amy. This issue features a quilt by Jen Carlton Bailly on the cover, and Jen will be giving two workshops for us in September! More information on these workshops can be found here. The workshops are now opened to the public. Please get your deposits in to save your spot in the workshop.

Retreat: due to an increase in the Maine rooms tax, the price for retreat will be slightly higher than expected. The deposits may be made via check mailed to Barb, or there will be a post up soon with a PayPal button that includes a 3% convenience fee.

Block Lottery: There will not be a lottery block for March. The winner of the Polaroid blocks was Nancy. These were so cool to look through!

Block of the Month: If posting to Instagram, please use #smqgbom2017. These first blocks are looking great! Please note that there was a correction to the directions for the next block. Check the errata!

The Highfive was passed from Colleen to Judy to recognize all of the hard work that she is doing organizing the BOM and the block lotteries. Thanks Judy!

#mqgsewday - We have reserved the Newburyport Library on February 19th from 1-4:45 pm for an open sew. If you would like to come, bring the project of your choice, your machine, and an extension cord!

Saturday March 18th from 10-3pm we are hosting an open sewing day at the Stratham Library to celebrate National Sewing Day.

If you signed up for the Riley Blake Creative Rockstar fabric challenge, or want to pick up some fabric on your own to participate, the guidelines and details can be found here! The deadline for these projects to be submitted to the MQG site is April 30th.

The East Kingston Library will be hosting a traveling trunk show of 7in x 9in mini quilts from May 8-31st. On Sunday May 21 from 1-3pm, Diane will be presenting a special workshop for us on the Japanese design principal notan using iron on fabric.

Dottie shared three projects, a charity quilt, a quilt for her great niece, and a commissioned wallet and purse that she made.

SueAnn shared this quilt top that was inspired by the president's blocks that we made for Laura. This quilt will be a for Quilts of Valor.

Diane showed this bag that she sewed up as a class sample. She quilted this using techniques from Jacquie Gering's book Walk.
She also shared this quilt that she made based on a vintage poster.

Sue shared her finished tuffet, and this adorable knitted hat with sheep!

Nancy shared this quilt top that she is working on for her contractor's first grandchild.

Bea shared this quilt that was made for her husband's work bed, at the firehouse. The flag includes a red stripe for firefighters, and 13 stars.

Hildy showed off this shawl that she knit.

Jane shared this quilt that she made from a jelly roll.

She also shared this paper-pieced bird that she made using a pattern from Tartan Kiwi, and a lined drawstring bag.

Amy shared her finished Stars Hollow quilt, which was inspired by the characters in the TV show Gilmore Girls.

Amy also announced that she has received copies of her latest book, Improv Paper Piecing.

Sue gave us a demonstration on using the Wing Clipper Ruler to make flying geese.

On March 4th from 10am-12pm we will be meeting at the Mary E. Bartlett Memorial Library in Brentwood NH. Carrie Zizza will be delivering a demonstration on machine quilting with rulers.
Please plan to carpool if possible, as there is limited parking at the Brentwood Library. If there isn't much snow there is space to park in the baseball field behind the library. Also, we've been advised to dress in layers!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

February Meeting Reminder

Our February meeting will be held from 10am - 12pm at the Kingston Community Library in Kingston, NH.

There is a change of programming: Carrie of It's a Zizza will be joining us in March for the ruler quilting demo. This meeting, February, we will have a demonstration from Sue Trask on using specialty rulers to make flying geese. This is a great skill to have in your repertoire, and will be especially helpful for those of you participating in the block of the month!
Sue will have some of these ruler available for sale after the demonstration.

We will also have a demonstration on how to post a photo to Instagram. Please bring your mobile device if you have any questions or want to follow along.

Fall Workshops: Please remember that February 4th, Saturday, is the last day that sign-ups for the September Workshops with Jen Carlton Bailly will be open exclusively to SMQG members - after this we will be opening sign-ups to the public, so let your friends know!  Deposits of $50 per workshop are require a deposit to hold your seat in the workshop.  Find more information about the workshops here!

Block Lottery: For this month's block lottery we will be making Polaroid Blocks. I have included the handout from Judy here.  These blocks are based on a tutorial by Capitola Quilter, that can be found on the web here.  We will be piecing only the center fussy cut and the white frame around it. Also, for consistency, please use Kona White as the fabric for your edging.
Please note that 4 Polaroid blocks + $1 will count for one entry for this month.

Please also remember to bring your calendars and name tags.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fall Workshops with Jen Carlton Bailly

The Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild has invited Jen Carlton Bailly, also known as @bettycrockerass to visit our guild on September 9th and 10th to teach two workshops where she will share her secrets for sewing successful curves!

The workshops will be 6 hours each running from 9 am-noon with an hour break for lunch and then resuming at 1 and finishing at 4:00 pm.  They will be held at the West Newbury Town Annex located at 381 Main Street, West Newbury, MA.

The workshop held on Saturday, Sept. 9th will be Sew all the Curves Plus Design: Does the idea of sewing curves scare the heck out of you? Don’t let it! In this class, students will learn three different methods of sewing curves – pinning, gluing, and freehand. They’ll learn tips and tricks to creating a beautiful curve as well as tips on how to square up their blocks and sew them together with beautiful matching points. Students will leave wanting to sew all the curves!
Once all you have all those curves sewn let’s spend some time figuring out all the designs you can create with them.

On Sunday, Sept. 10th we will enjoy the Scandinavian Flower Garden Sampler: (see image above) The Scandinavian Flower Garden Sampler is an exciting new pattern featuring mod styling and big blocks to create an impactful, chic, and curvy-licious quilt. Whether students are beginners at sewing curves, wanting to put all their new skills into practice, or just play and learn new tips and tricks this class is for them! Students will work with a variety of different sizes curves as well how to best use color, value, and hue to make their designs pop.

If you are not familiar with Jen’s work, please check out her website:

Her work has been featured in a number of publications including Modern Patchwork and the QuiltCon Magazine.  She is an instructor at QuiltCon 2017.

In order to finalize plans for these workshops, we need your deposits right away.

The cost is $75 for members and $85 for nonmembers.  This cost is for one day and includes lunch.

If you would like to register, send a check to the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild at PO Box 774, West Newbury, MA 01985.  We need a $50 deposit. Please write the name of the workshop you want to sign up for in the memo field of your check or include a note.  Alternately, you may hand your check directly to Amy Friend at any meeting.  Amy will maintain the class lists and start a waiting list. 

You may sign up for both workshops if you like. In that case, your deposit will be $100.  Final payments will be due by the June 3rd SMQG meeting.  Deposits are nonrefundable unless the workshop is cancelled.

Signups will be open to members only through February 4th.  At that time, we will open them to the public.  To secure your spot, sign up right away!

EDIT: Signups are now open to the public! If you would like to join us, please mail your deposit to the PO Box listed above.